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New Central Vac & Extractor Systems!
(Dry-Vac • Extractor • Water Reclamation)

Designed by professional detailers especially for mobile detailers, this state-of-the-art system is a combination 3-stage dry vacuum hot water extractor system and water reclamation all rolled into one! There is nothing like it on the market! This combination unit provides you with the power of both a commercial dry vacuum, along with a commercial hot water extractr to professionally clean carpet, fabric and upholstery on vehicle interiors.

This high-performance system is designed to be instaled as a stationary unit on your truck or trailer, so you don't have to load and unload it from your mobile rig. Fifty feet of heavy-duty vacuum hose allows you to easily reach virtually every area of the vehicle being detailed, allowing you to make your work more time-efficient and effective.

30 gallon extractor, vacuum, water reclaim
30 gallon extractor, vacuum, water reclaim

POINT A: These uniquely designed powder coated steel drums are built to withstand the riggers of every day detail use. Includes external gravity fed water release valve and heavy-duty galvanized steel carrying handles for easy transportation. The interior of the drum includes a reusable nylon filteration system. Drum lids are completely leak proof and sealed for optimum vacuum performance.

POINT B: These highly powered 3-stage vacuum motors create enormous amounts of suction power...up to 50% more than traditional 2-stage motors. With a 3-Stage, 115 Volt AC, 13.5 amp motor you're guaranteed to get the best suction performance. The motor housing is built to last with durable polyethylene plastic. Motor hose connects to bulk head fitting using a unique Camlock Inter-Locking System which helps create extra suction. Motor includes sealed moisture resistant bearings which helps create longer motor life. Motor also includes a Ground Fualt Interupt (GFI) Protected System, a great safety feature that protects any user from electricution if the unit is ever emersed in water.

POINT C: Heavy-duty 50 foot chemical resistant vacuum hose. Hose material is crush proof which makes for longer hose life. Comes complete with Camlock Inter-Locking System for optimal performance.

POINT D: Stainless steel upholstery cleaning tool. Comes complete with quick release disconnect, 1/4 inch black solution hose and rust resistant trigger housing.

NOTE: Each unit comes complete with external heating unit. Heats water to 210 degrees plus.